What is the Uptown Tree Trail?

The Uptown Tree Trail is a display of live Christmas trees through the heart of Uptown Columbus during December. We anticipate these trees to bring cheer to Broadway during the holiday season.


Where is it located?

The trees will be anchored along the Broadway median in Uptown, Columbus.


Who organizes this event?

Columbus State University’s Servant Leadership Program is organizing the event which will be hosted by Uptown Columbus.


How can I participate?

Purchase a tree for decoration or sponsor a tree for another party. Trees come in three sizes:

    Regular: 6-7 ft for $250

    Large: 8-9 ft for $500

(Regular and large trees are placed along Broadway’s median)

    Anchor: 12-14 ft for $750

Anchor trees are placed at the entrances and exits of the Uptown Tree Trail. **Anchor trees are limited in quantity.**


*Each tree will be provided with a sponsor sign and electricity.


Who decorates the trees?

Trees are purchased by local businesses, organizations, groups or families. The trees will be decorated by the purchasing party. 


What do I put on my tree?

Branded material from your company, organization or group are welcome. Use a theme matching your company’s mission or craft something totally unique. No matter what, get creative and have fun! We only ask that you keep it appropriate for all ages :)


What are the guidelines for decorating my tree?

  • IMPORTANT: Please secure all decorations to your tree using pipe cleaners, small zip ties, or other strings/ties to prevent hook ornaments from falling off in the wind. 

  • Decorators must provide their own decorations and lighting.

  • Decorators must provide one 10 ft outdoor rated extension cord. Please label your cord with the name of your business/organization.

  • Decorators must use LED outdoor lights only. We reserve the right to remove any lights that are not LED. We recommend using 4-5 strings of LED outdoor lights per tree.

  • Edible items used to decorate are prohibited including but not limited to candy canes, popcorn, and birdseed.

  • Drilling into the fence is NOT allowed.

  • Uptown Tree Trail will provide each sponsor/ decorator with one live Christmas tree, signage listing the sponsor/decorator, and electricity.

  • Standard trees measure between 7-8 ft in height; Anchor trees measure between 10-12ft in height.

  • Security is provided.

  • Please, no offensive or inappropriate decor. We reserve the right to remove offensive displays.

What are some things I should bring to decorate my tree?

  • ·      Outdoor rated extension cord

  • ·      Weather proof decorations

  • ·      Scotch Guard to prevent mildew

  • ·      Small step ladder


What payment options do I have for sponsoring a tree?

You may pay for trees using a check or credit card. Checks should be made out to the CSU Servant Leadership Program. Please note, trees will not be reserved until payment is received. 


How many years has the Uptown Tree Trail been presented Uptown?

This will be the fourth year for the Uptown Tree Trail.


When does the Uptown Tree Trail open & how long does it last?

Uptown Tree Trail kicks off on December 7 at 6:30 p.m. and closes on January 2. If you purchase a tree, you will receive specific information about set up and clean up by email. 


Do I have to pay to enter the Uptown Tree Trail?

No. This is a FREE community event. 


What are the hours of the Uptown Tree Trail?  

The Uptown Tree Trail is open to the public daily until midnight. Trees are lit from dusk until midnight each night.  


Where can I park to access the Uptown Tree Trail?

You can park in the parking spaces along Broadway and neighboring streets.